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Camilo Castro 

          Camilo Castro is a Houston native and Texas educator who is proof that the Suzuki Method works. Raised by teachers who espoused this method of learning, living, and practicing, Camilo achieved great success as a performer and student within the greater Houston community, using his 20+ years of piano experience to serve as an accompanist for churches, choirs, and other organizations across the city. He has taken his mastery of the keys across the country, receiving a BA from Seattle Pacific University, and has since returned to Houston to continue teaching and learning. 


As a graduate of the Suzuki Academy of Houston, Camilo is the first alumni to return to the school as an instructor to continue the legacy of empowering young learners with the gift of music. Returning with a wealth of teaching experience, Suzuki Trainings, across all age groups, abilities, cultures, and disciplines, Camilo's teaching perspective is unique and rooted in the Suzuki philosophy that learning music is truly learning a new language. With the right instruction, we not only uncover deeper truths about ourselves as we learn about style and expressions, but also we discover an entirely new way of looking at the world and allowing its beauty to seep into our being. 

Piano Teacher

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