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Where the highest standards meet the highest inspirations.


        The Suzuki Academy was founded in 1989 and offering musical training by some of the most experienced, educated, and trained professionals from around the world. The Suzuki Academy accepts students from ages 3 to adult, at any level of learning ranging from beginner to advanced. The school has one of the highest reputation in America and thrives on achieving excellence for all students.


      The Suzuki Academy curriculum is highly specialized and can make a profound difference in the student's musical growth and education. The Suzuki Academy teaching methods establish the highest standards for nurturing each student's musical development.


   The strength of our school includes the musical experience, training, and background of our teachers who have individually and collectively excelled in their native countries, including the United States, France, Russia, Moldova, Taiwan, Japan, Germany, Spain, England, Norway, Romania, China, Australia, Belgium, Italy, and Quebec.

"There is no point

where we can say:

“This is enough.”

Always seek finer music,

finer performance.

Eventually this will change

from a learning attitude

to a joyful quest

which will last  

throughout our lives."


 - Shinichi Suzuki

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