Armando A.


   Armando A. is a violin teacher and the director at the Suzuki Academy, Inc. He currently teaches from 3 years old to adult. He graduated from the French National Conservatory (specializing in Solfege, violin, & choir) and the Vivaldi school of music. During his education, Armando played in the Chamber Orchestra of the French Vivaldi School for many years, he mastered the art of Solfege, and played in symphonies throughout France as a soloist. He also earned a Bachelors degree with an emphasis in Business Finance.


Over the past twelve years, Armando has performed in numerous concert and took over five hundreds hours of teacher trainings around the world. Armando is also a member of SAA (Suzuki Association of America). His students are active orchestral performers and contest winners. Armando also holds several certificates for Suzuki violin training. The Suzuki Academy has more than six hundred students, and has earned one of the highest reputations due to a number of his students winning competitions every year.


Armando's program is highly intensive as his students are required to learn and play an advanced, professional repertoire before the age of 12. His teaching strategy and methodology is to mix Suzuki training and the French conservatory style.

Violin Teacher


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