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   I don’t have a violin or a piano

   How do I begin?

Not to worry.  You have the option of renting a violin, cello, ($15-$20 per month) or piano. You can also purchase a guitar (if interested) at an affordable price.   


For Guitar:


For Piano:


For Violin and Cello:



   Seeking a career opportunity teaching music?

   Interested in teaching music? 

Suzuki Academy, Inc. has several positions available for qualified individuals seeking career opportunities teaching music. 



    How do I register?
To register, please call and leave your contact information along with the type of instrument you are interested in learning, along with the age of the future student. We will contact you as soon as possible.
    What are the fees?
Check "Our Policy” page.
   What is the program?
Our teaching method is based predominately on classical methodology, with a few exceptions. The Suzuki method incorporates a unique arrangement of techniques and levels which build, guide and focus student learning and training on many well known and prominent classical musical works.  Please check “Our Program” for more information.


    Can I assist with the lesson?

You are strongly encouraged to stay and observe the lesson, and take notes in an effort to help your child at home.


    How often are the payments?

Tuition must be paid by the 5th day of each month.  Check "Our Policy” page for more information.



    Do you have recitals?

We conduct performance and graduation recitals twice a year during the Spring and Fall seasons.  Each student participating in a recital typically performs a work from his or her current level Suzuki Method book and will earn a Theory Certificate upon completion.


    How often does the class meet?

Check "Our Policy” page for more information.


    Are there any current openings?

Openings are determined by each instructor separately and are subject to availability as well as enrollment capacity.

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