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Beginners (Age 4 and up) :

30 min. 4 Half hour private lessons/ month and

1 one-hour Group lessons/ month for $135/ month 



Intermediate Students:

45 min. 4 Forty-five minute private lessons and

1 one-hour Group lessons/ month for $185/ month


Intermediate-Advanced student:

1 hour 4 one-hour private lessons/ month and

1 one-hour Group lessons for $235/ month


Advanced Student:  

1 Hour 15 minute, 4 one-hour and 15 minute private lessons / month and 1 one-hour Group lessons/ month for $285/month







   Registration and Annual fee:  All new students are required to pay the registration fee of $150. Subsequently, an annual fee of $60 will be drafted in the first week of September.


   The annual fee shall be waived only if the student just enrolled in summer semester of this year.







   Tuition payments are calculated month to month. Payment will be drafted the first week of the month. Lesson times will not be reserved or scheduled until payment is received. 


   A written notice for discontinuing lessons must be submitted to the front desk receptionist prior to the 1st of the month to avoid full tuition payment. When discontinuing lessons, a 30-day notice is required. A $25 fee will be drafted if the payment is declined.


Attendance Policy Changes:

  Due to our teachers’ full schedule and the need to close the school on timeevery day for security, there will be no makeup lessons during the school year (September through May). However, due toextreme emergencies students are allowed to miss 2 lessons during the school year which will only be made up during that summer.  Please notify your teacher directly at least 24 hours in advance if it is the case. During the summer semester only 4lessons will be made up for students. 



 Students being late will not get extra time. Please arrive a few minutes before your lesson time.Parent responsibility:  Parents are fully responsible for the conduct and safety of their children. If other siblings are present during a lesson, they must be closely supervised. The school will not be held liable for any accidents or injuries sustained on its grounds.


Food or drinks:  

  Food and drinks are not allowed at the school at anytime. Water is allowed.


  Suzuki Method Principles and understanding (for beginning children and young children):  

   The Suzuki triangle is composed of the Teacher, The Parent and the Child (the mother tongue method). Parents should take notes during the lesson. It is important to have parents, child, and teacher work as a team.  


12-month school Policy: 

  The tuition is calculated month to month but any student of the Suzuki Academy should keep taking lessons over the summer in order to retain their spots. Make up lessons will be more accessible during the summer semester.


Pro rated tuition:  

   A new student that begins lessons mid-month will have the tuition for that month pro rated. No other discounts or refunds are made for missed lessons after the first month.  


Policy Student’s Copy:  

    Every student must have a copy of this policy with his or her signature.


Teacher-Student Contact: 

   Students should get in touch with teachers directly via the teacher’s cellphone, not the school phone.


Family discount:

  The annual $65 fee will be drafted during the first week of September.  The annual fee shall be waived if the student enrolled in summer semester. If more than two children from the same family are taking lessons at the academy, the annual fee for the third or fourth child will be $30. 


3 locations for each student: 

   Students are allowed to be only in three places: Their teacher’s room, the group lesson room when it is group lesson time, and the front reception area. Students are not allowed to practice in other rooms at any time.


Parking Rules:

   Parents should park in the side lot. Parking facing the front of the building is reserved for teachers only.



 Your teacher will provide you with a calendar each semester showing you the group lesson time, the special events, recitals, and vacation time.


Graduation and Trophies:

  Graduation is the performance or knowledge of a student with an entire book by heart. Every teacher has graduation with certificates and trophies.



   Two recitals will be held every year. Please make sure to come on time for your recital and dress properly. Turn off your cellphone and make sure to keep young siblings quiet throughout the recital. The performance of each student is a special moment that deserves respectful silence. 

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