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Private Lessons



    During private lessons, your child will cover the Suzuki materials, technique, scales, theory games and many other aspects of musical development. We routinely combine the Suzuki method with traditional methodology. 


  Our purpose for combining methods is to allow your child to strengthen his or her ability in the area of site reading, which in turn will build on their knowledge and equip them to work with any material in a wide range of Suzuki literature.  


    During private lessons, a child learns the importance of respect, as well as understanding for his or her teacher, and ultimately; he or she will build lifelong connections for years to come.

Group Lessons



    Group Lessons are important for development and performance improvement. Parents should always bring the student's Suzuki book and a notebook to take notes in an effort to help the student with practices and learning at home. 


   During the group lessons, each student learns theory, position exercises, games, and the importance of performing with and for other students.  These lessons will allow the child to build confidence and strong skills for future recitals and concerts. These methods can also play an important role in building confidence in a child’s life. 


   In addition, group lessons can foster growth and an atmosphere of teamwork which again, allow a child to build friendships and lifelong connections for years to come.

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